"As for Malinda, with her soaring voice and beaming charisma, she simply owns the stage as she moves with seeming effortlessness from character to character and scene to scene. And the audience howls with laughter."

                         -Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes

"DeRouen has an incredible voice, powerful and capable in any musical genre, which she certainly proves in this performance.

Every singing

performance of

hers was a standout,

but The Diva's Lament 

showcased both her vocal and comedic talents."

 "The Lady is played by Malinda DeRouen with diva virtuosity."


"As Rosie, Malinda DeRouen is a firebrand. She is so strong and able (in voice, dancing and acting) that you cheer for her when she finally puts her foot down. She has two show-stopping numbers. 

"The Shriners' Ballet" is

one of the cleverest and

funniest "dance" numbers

you could ever wish to see. She performs with six cooperative Shriners and a very talented table. Her "Spanish Rose" is a high and wide ethnic satire that she polishes off in brilliant style and captivating, flexible, wide-ranging vocalism."